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Liability & Responsibility

  1. Dixie Center Exhibitor Decorating Co. (herein after DCEDC) shall not be responsible for damage to uncrated materials, any materials improperly packed, or that have concealed damage.
  2. DCEDC shall not be responsible for loss, theft or disappearance of Exhibitor’s materials after the same have been delivered to Exhibitor’s booth.
  3. DCEDC shall not be responsible for loss, theft or disappearance of materials before they are picked up from Exhibitor’s booth for reloading after the show. Bills of lading covering outgoing shipments, which are furnished by DCEDC to Exhibitors, will be checked at time of actual pick-up from the booth and corrections made where discrepancies occur.
  4. DCEDC shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or delay due to fire, Acts of God, strikes, lockouts or work stoppages of any kind or to any cause beyond its control.
  5. DCEDC Liability shall be limited to the physical loss of or damage to the specific article that is lost or damaged. In any event, the DCEDC maximum liability shall be limited to $0.30 per pound per article with a maximum liability of $50.00 per item, or $1,000.00 per shipment, whichever is less.
  6. DCEDC shall not be liable to any extent whatsoever for any actual, potential or assumed loss of profits or revenues, or for any collateral costs, which may result from any loss of damage to an Exhibitor’s materials which may make it impossible or impractical to exhibit the same.
  7. Submission of claims for loss or damage to DCEDC will be prior to the close of the show. No suit or action shall be brought against DCEDC more than one year after the accrual of the cause of action.
  8. INSURANCE – DCEDC is not an insurer, and the Exhibitor shall obtain insurance for their materials. Said materials should be insured from the time they are shipped until they are returned after the close of the Show.
  9. The consignment or delivery of a shipment to DCEDC by an Exhibitor, or by any shipper to or on behalf of the Exhibitor, shall be construed as an acceptance by such Exhibitor (and/or other shipper) of the terms and conditions set forth.
  10. Blank container labels will be available at the Dixie Center Service Desk. Affixing labels is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor or representative. All previous labels should be removed or obliterated. DCEDC assumes no responsibility for:
    • Error to above procedures.
    • Removal of containers with old blank labels or with DCEDC labels.
    • Improper information on blank labels.
    • Materials stored in containers with blank labels.