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The State of Utah and Washington County have lifted all restrictions regarding COVID-19. The Dixie Convention Center is back to full capacity, with food service seating 8 to a table. Hand sanitizer is still available, and as a planner you may choose to enact stricter guidelines than we have.

 There are things you, as an event planner, can do to assist our continued efforts to provide a safe space for your event:

  • Encourage your attendees to stay home if they feel sick or have a fever.
  • Assist with the creation of signs to alert attendees of hand washing & cough/sneeze guidelines. 
  • Complete the State of Utah’s COVID Planning Template prior to arrival. This helps us understand the needs of your event and helps you plan a safe experience for your group. Fillable COVID-19 Planning Template

As required and requested, room set-ups incorporate social distancing with 6′ between attendees. For groups larger than 50, meetings with all attendees in proper face coverings may sit closer together. Groups under 50 attendees do not need to be masked while in their meeting rooms.

Aisle ways are increased throughout the event.

Entry door signs indicating precautions in accordance with our local health department.

Acrylic “sneeze guards” at the Registration Desk.

Hand sanitizer stations placed throughout the public areas.

Additional masks are available for those who need them.

Stanchions as reminders to maintain social distances.

Public-facing employees will wear masks. Per State of Utah Department of Health mandates, masks are required indoors for all attendees.

Seating for food service is 6 to a table instead of 8.

Our caterers are well-versed in their responsibilities for their services and follow all state and local health department guidelines.

Visible and consistent cleaning of all frequently touched surfaces.

Room fogging and table wipe-downs every evening.

Helpful Links

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

Utah State Department of Health

Southwest Utah Public Health Department