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The 13,205 sq. ft. Ballroom provides comfortable seating for up to 1,600 people in a general session or 880 people in a banquet setting. The spacious room can be customized into up to 6 smaller meeting rooms. All rooms feature well-appointed decor, variable lighting, and individual temperature controls.

Ballroom Details

RoomSq. Ft.DimensionsCeilingReceptionBanquetTheaterClassroomExhibits
A-F13,20595′ x 139′21′1,5008801,60070060
A2,14242′ x 51′21′252152255119
B1,84842′ x 44′21′217136230103
C2,14242′ x 51′21′252152255119
D1,84842′ x 44′21′217136230103
E2,80555′ x 51′21′330208350156
F2,42055′ x 44′21′285176320134
Floorplan of convention center with ballroom highlighted