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Fire Regulations

All exhibitors shall abide by all fire regulations in place during the timethe building is being utilized.

Fire / Retardant

All decorations, drapes, signs and display materials must be flame retardant to the satisfaction of the Fire Department.

Compressed Cylinders 

Portable LP gas containers are allowed to be used temporarily for demonstrations and public exhibitions and must be attached to a stand or laid flat on the floor. Such containers shall not exceed a water capacity of 12 lbs (7 gallon container). Where one or more containers are present in the same room, each container must be separated by a distance of not less than 20 feet.


Literature on display shall be limited to reasonable quantities. Reserve supplies shall be kept in closed containers and stored in compact manner. No cardboard boxes or any combustible materials may be stored on top of or near any electrical wiring in spaces behind the drapes or behind display.


Aisles on show floor must be kept clear and free of obstructions. Chairs, easels, signs and demonstration areas shall not be placed beyond booth area into aisles.

Electrical Cords

Extension cords shall service one appliance only and shall be a three-wire approved type (with ground). Spliced wires are illegal.

Cooking & Warming

All cooking & warming equipment must be approved by Center fire safety engineer.


Helium balloons allowed only when secured. Open flame devises (candles) must be approved by the Center fire safety engineer.


No smoking is allowed within 25 feet of any public building in Utah.

For further information or questions please contact Sales & Decorating Coordinator, Cindy Curtis at (435) 986-6625.